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World of congratulations

World of congratulations

World of congratulations

"World of congratulations"! - is your good mood and the joy of people that are dear to you! We are working to show your care and to bring delight to your loved one’s.

Our service combines many regional representative offices in many countries of the world. Also we have our representatives in most metropolises of countries of the CIS.

With our help, you have an opportunity to congratulate your relatives, not only by telegram or telephone calls, but with flowers and champagne! Regardless of where you are.

Representatives of our service are pleased to perform your requests, bringing joy to your family and friends, handing them a sign of your love, kindness and attention.

Our basic work assignment - is a delivery of gifts by your orders. Through our service you can order congratulating with handing traditional gifts – flowers (roses, carnations, tulips, chrysanthemums, including the (decorative) design of bouquet or in a basket), boxes of candies, chocolate, champagne, wine, toys and certainly postal with your text.

Moreover! If you wish to include commodities in the complement of order, that are absent on our shop-window - we will contact our representative in the necessary town to find out possibility of such non-standard ordering fulfillment and when we coordinate prices for executing, we will deport this information to you. Write us a letter with description of what you wish to add to your order, and where it should be delivered.

Thus, you form the composition of the gift yourself! And it is yours decision, what will prevail in a gift: exotic fruit or commodities of humanitarian direction...

Prices on goods and services in different cities are various. But accessible! Every representative sets prices, oriented on the cost of commodities and services in the region and naturally on the operating in his country system of taxation.

Phone: +380 444 515 125

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