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Zavalivsky graphit Ltd

Zavalivsky graphit Ltd

Zavalivsky graphit Ltd

Zavalye Graphite field was opened in the early 1920th. It is located in the central densely populated area of Ukraine neighboring on Kirovograd and Odessa regions. The field territory is about 50 km2. The main part of the field and producing plant are located in Gayvoron district, Kirovograd region.

At present, ore is produced from the «Yugo-Vostochny» quarry which is 160 m in depth. The original ground is about 2 x 1 km.

Graphite ore is produced by open-cut method. The ore is represented by kaolinized gneiss which contains not only graphite but biotite, chlorite, garnet, pyroxene, quartz, and sillimanite.
The graphite reserves of the field are determined by 6 418 800 tons. The graphite content of ore is in the rage of 5-7%. Graphite in ore is represented by large flakes integrated in 4-6 mm, they are needles and strips bound together and with other minerals. The total garnet reserves are 3 million 430 thousand tons. The garnet content of gneiss is 10%.

The brief characteristic of manufacture.
Zavalye graphite producing plant was founded in 1930. Graphite improvement plant was put into operation in 1934. Its full capacity was 3 000 tons of graphite per year. The capacity was reached up to 40 000 tons per year due to plant reconstruction in 1948, 1958 and 1969. The recrement processing plant was put into service in 1994.
The escalating of outputs in comparison with recession of manufacture in 90 years, began from April, 1998, when on the enterprise there came the new owners.

Since April, 1999, the re-structuring of manufacture will be carried out(spent), which purpose, is the optimization of expenses, reduction of the cost price of production, rational use of labour and industrial resources, release of materials appropriate to the modern requirements.

In 2003 output has increased in 3 times, in comparison with 1998 (10 995 tons - in 2003 against 3 515 tons - in 1998). Besides increase of volumes of manufacture, the large attention is given To questions of expansion of the nomenclature made production, the technology is improved, the new directions of application and selling of graphite production accustom. The basic technological processes: splitting, crushing, flotation, deaquate, desiccate, dispersion, chemical enrichment, eir-swap crushing.

The processing line for manufacturing of graphite is a continuous chain of series processing equipment, devices and mechanisms which are used in the process from ore crushing (raw material) to packaging of final products and placing tails to the tailing pit. The main equipment are used for crushing (jaw and cone crushers), for wet reduction (ball mills), for processing (spiral sorter, flotators, hydrocyclones, pumps), for transportation of tails, preparation of liquid glass and etc.

Phone: +380 444 554 727

Prospekt Kosmonavta Komarova,40-a;
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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