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It all began in the far 1988, when "A6" was called "Admiral", which existed through 1994.
It was then when a couple of young initiative people decided to create an independent professional troupe which will not limit itself by one dancing style. The only rule is feeling the music and the rhythm. The number of cofounders was six and, by some mystical coincidence, the names of all six began with the letter "A".

That`s how "A6" appeared.
In 1999 the troupe expanded, and the staff now consisted of 25 people. In 2000 "A-6" opened it?s own dancing school where dancers can teach all the interested people: the younger generation, people of their age and adults. And in 2001 they created a children?s troupe that included 25 young talents, on the basis of the professional dance school "A6". The title "Show-troupe" could no longer hold such a huge amount of people, which were united by common interests, so the decision of founding a Creative Association "A-6" including the show-troupe and the school of modern dance was made.

In 2002 the Creative Association "A-6" opened an Art the Company, which offers a wide range of services: from the organization of concert programs, presentations, parties, (including not only performances of the show-troupe "A6", but also leading Ukrainian artists) to advisement about costumes and dancing shoes. On January, 31, 2004 ballet A6 has noted decade of the existence by an anniversary concert in the National Palace "Ukraine". Three hours the concert in which last were involved all participants of ballet, the children's studio in structure of 30 person, and also the whole echelon of stars of the Ukrainian platform which came to congratulate ballet on such significant event.

Phone: +380 504 447 424

City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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