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“Alanta-Trade” Co Ltd was founded in1997 on basis of its founders’ private capitals. “Alanta-Trade” Co Ltd is Ukrainian manufacturer of land graders DZ 122B-b/7-y.

Today “Alanta-Trade” Co Ltd. works in different ways:
sale of treated wooden sleepers (type 1/2)
sale of timber for pointworks
sale of saw timber, European dunnage pallets
repair of road-building trucks
sale of reconditioned special machinery
manufacture, sale and repair of car bodies for trucks
sale and rent of scaffolding
repair of load-lifters
export-import dealership assistance
wholesale and retail of steel outer doors
wholesale and retail of interior doors
wholesale and retail of air conditions

Our company has selling road-building, open cast mine cars and spare parts for them produced by Russian and Byelorussian manufacturers such as “ChTZ”, “Bryansky Arsenal”, “Amkador-Udarnik”, “MoAZ”, “BelAZ”, “YaMZ”, “Raskat”, “Chelyabinsky road-building machinery plant by the name of Kalyushchenko”.

“Alanta-Trade” Co Ltd entered into sound cooperation with leading machinery builders and also with co-operating enterprises, which produce separate groups of spare parts. Owing to this fact, you can buy not only machines but also spare parts of high quality for them at the prices which differ essentially from competitors’ ones. Housing and communal services, road-building and mining enterprises and also some leading industrial plants in Ukraine have become our clients.

On the basis of proper maintenance department our company offers you repair and recondition service of such machinery as bulldozers, power shovels, land graders, tractors and “YaMZ” engines;

Such cars as KamAZ, KrAZ, BelAZ, MAZ, ZIL, GAZ and special machinery on the basis of these chassis;
Tractors K701, K700A, K702, YuMZ, T-130, T-150, T-330, T-500, MTZ-80/82, DET-250 and other rigging for them;
Engines for all types of cars, including YaMZ of all models;
Land graders DZ-122, DZ-143, DZ-180 rollers and other road-building cars;
Power shovel EO, “Dragline”.

We repair Your cars in an easy and quick way at comparatively low price for servicing and spare parts.

We offer to deliver you all above-listed cars after complete overhaul with 6 months guarantee. (the price is 50% from new price)

The priority of the company is an individual approach to problem solving, which are set by the customer. This factor raises clients’ loyalty for purchasing these products and increases soundly the number of cooperating enterprises. For clients’ comfort we made various payment systems for delivered goods, which allow to our customers to extend a credit in any Ukrainian bank. Our clients also have opportunity to buy goods against lease agreements, besides that, our patrons can have the opportunity of partial delay of payment.

Phone: + 380 564 054 005

1st Nikopolska Street,
City Kryvyi Rih,,
Dnipropetrovska oblast

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