Arnica Medical Center

Arnica Medical Center

Arnica Medical Center

Medical Center “Arnica” offers diagnosis and treatment using the latest techniques of precision medical equipment from the leading manufacturers of Japan, Germany and France.

The clinic provided the following doctors assistance:
- Gastroenterologist;
- Endocrinologist;
- Cosmetologist;
- Neuropathy;
- Therapist;
- Dermato- venereologist;
- Gynecologist;
- Urologist;
- Cardiologist.

The modern clinical laboratory diagnosis:
- Immune-enzyme research;
- DNA - diagnosis;
- Clinical chemistry;
- Ultrasound.

Cosmetic department provides the following procedures:
- Chemical peeling;
- Mesotherapy;
- Rejuvenation (weight loss);
- Plastic boundary;
- Correction of mimic;

Department of body correction provides:
- Hydrocolonotherapy (bowel irrigation) with mineral water and medicinal herbs;
- Photo rejuvenation;
- Photo depilation;
- Treatment of acne;
- Mechanical face cleaning.

The clinic also provides hydro massage, mesotherapy and offers professional cosmetics by "Sothys".

Phone: +380 342 506 760

4th Ioana-Pavla II Street,
City Ivano-Frankivsk,,
Ivano-Frankivs'ka oblast

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