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Association of shipbuilders UkrSudProm

Association of shipbuilders UkrSudProm

Association of shipbuilders UkrSudProm

Association of shipbuilders of Ukraine – non-state union of shipbuilding and ship-repairing enterprises of Ukraine, and also manufactures and structures, connected with them.

- Representation and defence of interests of Association’s members in state and other bodies;
- Development of international business cooperation;
- Assistance to expansion of the relations between the members of
the Association, adjustment and support of friendly, partner’s contacts among them;
- Defence of interests of Association’s members in international organisations, fulfilment of representative functions, integration of shipbuilding and ship-repairing services in world market, legalization of international standards of these services through the authorities of Ukraine;
- Promotion to adjustment of relations with foreign partners, participation in International exhibitions, conferences, looking for potential partners and making of direct contacts between them and the members of the Association.

Phone: +380 442 700 912

30st Kominternu Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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