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"Auscoprut" Hotel invites you to Ivano-Frankivsk - a remarkable pearl of West Ukrainian lands, hospitable national folkloric heart of the Carpathians.

Our venture was founded on October 10, 1991. After years of fruitful work we have created a deluxe hotel. Since that time "Auscoprut" Hotel hospitably opens its doors and receives tourists form many countries of the world as well as from Ukraine. Our aim is high quality service and comfortable accommodation for all clients, including providing an individual approach of their wishes.

We always welcome our guests and are sure that you will become our clients. The quality of our hotel service is chosen by famous diplomats, business people and stars of show business.

For the excellent quality of service, Auscoprut hotel received the XXVIth International Award for Tourist, Hotel and Catering Industry (Madrid) and Golden Europe Award for Quality (New millennium award, Paris).

Auscoprut hotel is situated on the north-eastern part of the downtown area, in the building which is characterized by peculiar balcony elements, forged and stucco mouldings of fences. This buildings complex is considered to be one of the best architectural dominants of the city, retained its original appearance and after reconstruction in 1992 acquired sophistication and became city adornment. The hotel is near the trading, business and historical parts of the city, not far from the railway station and the airport, which is very convenient for our clients’ business and relaxation.

Auscoprut hotel is the combination of elegance, conveniences, high quality service.

Phone: +380 342 223 401

7/9 Hrunwaldska Street,
City Ivano-Frankivsk,,
Ivano-Frankivs'ka oblast

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