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"Autolux" is the leading company in Ukraine the main mission of which is to provide for the safe, timely and efficient transportation of passengers and baggage. "Autolux" accomplishes passengers' transportation by comfortable buses made by Temsa Termomekaniks company under the TM Mitsubishi and Man. Nowadays, there are more than 50 buses in the company's auto park.

Comfortable passenger's cabin, convenient seats, air conditioning, mobile telephone remain the best impressions. There is also a toilet in the bus, so you would not feel uncomfortable during the long trip. Moreover, you will have a possibility to watch interesting film or listen to the music. A stewardess will offer you tea, coffee, soft drinks and also will try to solve all the problems that may occur during the trip.

Since 1998 company "Autolux" began to transport baggage. This kind of service is the first organized system of baggage transportation in our country. There are 70 offices in 50 cities equipped for you to send and receive baggage in any suitable time. More than 100 trucks daily execute baggage transportation to different cities of Ukraine. Friendly collective of "Autolux" company, about 1700 people, carries about the service of transportation.

In addition, the buses of "Autolux" may be leased by our clients.

Transportations are executed in the shortest terms according to all security demands.

The net of our representations help you to become closer to each other and overcome time and space!

Phone: +380 445 360 055

30st Chistyakovskaya Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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