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As an Ukranian company, Azot-Trans is a foreign trade entity specialized in production, trading of fertilizer and such other agricultural products. With its first-hand contacts, valuable references, long-term partnerships and complete service packages; Azot-Trans is offering a stand-alone solution, assuring high quality in service and product with reasonable pricing.

Especially focused on fertilizer, agricultural products, oil seeds, gathering and stocking; we cover all demands regarding transportation management, legal/managerial consultancy with first-hand reliable trading possibilities , free of all interagencies…
Why Ukraine? As inherited from the Soviet Union, Ukraine is set on 603.700 km2 of farm field with 70% arable land, making Ukraine one of the leading agriculture countries. 25% of the population is working in agriculture also 40% of the dark soil (extremely fertile soil type) is found in Ukraine providing soild base for: Wheat, Oil Seeds, Potato, sugar beet, canola, mustard, barley, flax, grual, rye, sunflower, soy bean, vegetables and fruits.

Leading agricultural ratings among CIS countries, Ukraine has doubled its capacity adapting to the latest technology to a certain extent. When the formation is fully realized, this will reach up to quadruple.
What’s our difference?
Azot-Trans supports the producers with new-technologies, finance and fertilizer. As a result of these close relations, we may reach to first hand prices and market overview so shall prevent any profit or opportunity loss for our customers.
In general means, working with LC or letter of guarantee, we shall offer deferred payment LC for those who are going to utilise the product sold. In addition to those, we are offering new Technologies, finance options and fertilizers support for many local dealers.

Phone: + 380 487 945 619

19th Srednefontanskaya Street,
City Odessa,,
Odess'ka oblast

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