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Azov Cable Company

Azov Cable Company

Azov Cable Company

The unique technologies, highly skilled staff - all these factors guarantee the high quality of the cables and wires offered by the "Azov Cable Company"LTD. The company was established on the industrial base of the well-known Berdyansk cable plant "Azovcabel". More than semi-centennial working experience of this enterprise helped to overcome all the economical disorders of the newest history. Today the company produces world-class cables and wires.

Product-range of the "Azov Cable Company" consists of hundreds of cables and wires grades. The cables and wires, produce by the company are widely used in the building of surface vessels and submarines, at the drilling platforms and at the other objects with high safety requirements.

The company has well equipped rubber mixtures - production workshop, the workshop for the radiation modifying of the polyethylene, wire drawing department, that allow to produce the cables and wires of a high quality with the optimum prices.

All the marine cables produce by the company have Type Approval Certificate of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. Quality Management System of the company has been assessed by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and found to be in accordance with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2000 in respect of design, development, production and supplying of the cables and wires. The customer's inspector is constantly accredited at the enterprise that guarantees the high quality of cables for the military purposes.

Along with the cables in rubber, PVC compound, polyethylene insulation and sheath we have worked out and now we produce cables of the halogen-free materials with the temperature on the conductor 85??, the cables for the port crane and portable gears. They are inferior to none of the best foreign analogues.

Together with Ukrainian Research Institute of the cable industry the cable with the unique characteristics was worked out and applied in industry. It is fire-resistant cable that corresponds to the requirements of IEC 60331-21. It holds the temperature of the naked flame 750-800?C during three hours. The cable keeps the working capacity during this time. Now, together with the other cables, we deliver this cable for the drilling platforms in the Baltic Sea and in the Caspian Sea.

We thank you for the interest shown in our company and invite you to the co-operation for the participation in the projects for the shipbuilding, ship repair, power industry and in the projects of the enterprises of other brunches of industry. Our specialists are ready to answer any your question, concerning the placement of the order and other aspects of the cable production. We also accept the orders for the cables that are not mentioned in the product range, taking into consideration technical capabilities.

Phone/Fax: +380 6153 5180

2k Promyslova Street,
City Zapiriszhia,, Berdyansk
Zaporizhska oblast

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