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Biathlon Federation of Ukraine

Biathlon Federation of Ukraine

Biathlon Federation of Ukraine

First race of Ukrainian biathlonists in World Cup took place on December, 17th, 1992 in Pokljuka, Slovenia. The first event of the first stage of that year was 20 km men's individual race. Our country was represented by Valentin DZIMA, Taras DOLNIY, Vitaliy MOHYLENKO and Ivan MAKSIMOV whose places were 32, 51, 53 and 60 among 100 participants. Ricco GROSS, Ludwig GREDLER and Halvard HANEVOLD also took part at that race. Norwegian sportsman finished only on the 93rd place with 8 missed targets!

Women started their 15 km race three hours later. First race and first success! Elena Petrova was 11th with 0 missed shots. Her team-mates have acted little bit worse. Elena Ogurtsova (later well known as great Elena Zubrilova) was 27th, Marina SKOLOTA 29th and Nadija BELOVA 36th. It is necessary to note that only 58 women were on the track because of low popularity of women’s biathlon those years. Among participants you can find Martina HALINAROVA, Nathalie SANTER-BJOERNDALEN and Gunn Margit ANDREASSEN.

Elena Petrova’s 11th place was the greatest success of our team at the first stage. Because of shortage of money ukrainian team missed several world cup events. This break has gone on advantage of our team.

The first season has brought the first podium. Nadija BELOVA showed strong skiing performance and despite 2 missed targets she took second place in sprint in Antholz. She became the leader of our team. Olga Fridrin and Irina MERKUSHINA joined the team after the break. Belova was 4th in sprint in Kontiolahti (8 seconds to podium!) and Merkushina was 10th.

Our men’s team was not as successful as women’s. Only 3 times they were in top 30. In Oestersund Valentin DZIMA was 17th in sprint and Kontiolahti he finished 18th in individual. Also Taras DOLNIY was 21st in Kontiolahti.

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