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The enterprise Metals and Polymers

The enterprise Metals and Polymers

The enterprise Metals and Polymers

The enterprise “Metals and Polymers" is new-build from the ground up and will play the major role in the industrial market of Ukraine as manufacturer and supplier of galvanized steel and galvanized steel with polymer coating.

Up to date production is delivering its products for the construction industry of the Ukraine as well as in a foreign country markets.

Produced goods:
- Galvanized rolled coil is produced in rolls of cold-rolled steel with hot-dip galvanizing method;
- Coated galvanized is made by applying polymer coating on galvanized rolled coil.

Today the company operates a continuous line of polymer coating. Galvanized steel with polymer coating - is the most demanded material having an attractive and decorative appearance and is in use to manufacture construction materials such as roofs, facades, fences and other structural products.

Continuous production line of galvanized steel with polymer coating works with a high-quality technology and offers wide assortment of colors that are applied simultaneously on the surface on both sides of the strip. The professional management carries out strict quality control at every stage of the technological chain.

The company will surprise you with excellent service and quality products that will satisfy the most demanding customers. We are working with private customers as well as with wholesalers.

Maximum thickness:
0.80 mm steel
1.00 mm aluminum
Minimum thickness:
0.20 mm steel
0.25 mm aluminum
Maximum width:
1250 mm roll band
Minimum width:
600 mm roll band

The main types of coatings:
Epoxy, Polyester, polyurethane.
Paintwork coating:
Polyester, Polyurethane, PVDF.
The raw materials used:
Cold-rolled galvanized steel and galvanized rolled aluminum.

Finished products:
Internal diameter 508 and 610 mm
External diameter 1500 mm
Weight 11,000 kg maximum.

Goods could be shipped from the warehouses or made to order.

The enterprise “Metals and Polymers" is conveniently located in the center of the industrial Donets region, 40 km from the regional center of Lugansk. The nearby highways Kishinev - Kiev and Volgograd - Rostov, as well as local railway that is linked with the Donetsk railway makes easy access to the company’s whereabouts.

Phone: +380 644 253 303;

Moskovskaya Street 4th-A ,
City Alchevsk,,
Luganska oblast

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