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Brikets PJSC

Brikets PJSC

Brikets PJSC

"Briket's" PJSC entrance to the "Concord" industrial-financial group and our updated and modernized lines allow us to provide a product of unequalled quality you can depend on.
Additionally, we offer you the chance to cut down on your energy expenditures, which allows you to put money where it counts.

The increase of quality and competitiveness of products with traditional raw materials - general line of "Briket" company, has been repeatedly confirmed with certificates of independent international inspection organization "CCI HOLDINGS LTD".
The strict adherence to established technical norms of pressing and increase of briquette water- and frost-resistance repeatedly strengthens the effect of end product.
The production of "Briket" company has economic advantages in comparison with traditional types of lump fuel: increased mechanical strength; low content of moisture and high hydrophobic property; high- calorie content and low-ash content.
The employees of the laboratory fix qualitative indexes of products at all stages of production: from the analysis of feed stock characteristics to briquette testing before shipment to the customer.

"Briket's" PJSC responsible production process completely corresponds to both Ukrainian and international standards in the sphere of environmental protection.
"Briket" is a leader in the use of ecologically clean additives in production, which greatly decrease the negative effects on ecology.

The assortment of special kinds of briquette covers all spheres of possible application and meets the requirements of each customer.
The application of "Briket's" company products has the following directions:
Blast-furnace production and foundry.
Briquettes BKD. Can be used as a substitute for up to 20 % of skip coke used in one blast-furnace
Briquettes BKD(n). These can be used in the metallurgical industry as a 100 % alternative to raw iron ore in blast furnaces. These briquettes prevent the blocking of the blast furnace forge with coke breeze, which normally disrupts the blast furnace's motion.

The decrease of payload volume of a well, caused by the worsening of the filtration ability of a coke layer, causes forge blocking, which is one of the main problems of blast-furnace motion. Blast-furnace washing material, which consists of calx, slag, carbon and lime, is used to remove off the accumulation of infusible plastic from the furnace. Low-melting smelts (FeO) with high content ferrous oxide are thus moved into the forge.
The washing effect of briquette, produced by the company, minimizes the frequency of burnings tuyere instruments and greatly increases the average daily furnace productivity and decreases coke expenditure from 4 to 12 kg/t. (see table 2)

Phone: +380 623 480 509

14th Nizhnevartovskaya Street,
City Donetsk,,
Donetska oblast

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