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Campus Cotton Club

Campus Cotton Club

Campus Cotton Club

LLC Trade House “Campus Cotton Club” is established in 1995.

In this period of activity the company became not only one of the major distributor companies but also the first-rate manufacturer of medical dressings. Above all, such success indicates about well-considered development strategy of the enterprise and about ability to establish mutually profitable and fair business relations both with suppliers and customers.

Considering demands of clients as well as its own capabilities the company has opened its domestic manufacture of bandages, gauze cuts, first aid packs, medical gauze masks, medical surgical compresses, cotton wool, hygienic buds and examination gloves, cosmetic cotton pads and hygienic buds for newborn babies.

At present day in the range of “Campus Cotton Club” product stock there are more than 300 articles of domestic and import products of medical usage, sanitary and hygienic application. At that about 50% of the product turnover falls on the products of own production.

The company has at its own disposal the production area of 2700 m2 in total in the cities of Uman’ and Kherson. The number of employees involved in the production cycle is more than 400 persons.

There is a certified laboratory at production to carry out routine control for observing quality conformance of the products and packaging according to active GOSTs (ÃÎÑÒ) and technical specifications (ÒÓ).

At present the company “Campus Cotton Club” operates its business in dozens of cities in the whole territory of Ukraine.

Stable supply, reasonable products assortment, flexible pricing, good service and highly skilled staff are components of the company’s success in the market.

Variety of products sold by the company meets different consumers’ demands of any age and social status. Widely exposed products of medical usage both of own production and the other domestic and foreign firms. The company cooperates closely with such known native enterprises like Hemoplast (Ãåìîïëàñò), Kyivguma (Êèåâãóìà), Sarepta (Ñàðåïòà), Polycom(Ïîëèêîì) and offers to its customers syringes, blood and solution transfusion sets, articles made of rubber and latex, mustard leaves, large assortment of adhesive plasters.

The company represents articles of Torun plant of dressing materials. Products under known trademark “Bella” have already gained confidence of many Ukrainian consumers: these are hygienic towels, diapers for adults and babies. At present the company has possibility to manufacture cotton pads and ear cotton buds by its own.

During several years “Campus Cotton Club” cooperates with a Spanish firm “Operon”- the manufacturer of pregnancy determination tests. According to specialists’ opinion this is one of the high quality tests introduced to the domestic market.

The supplier of import syringes is a German firm “Becton Dickenson”.

Phone: +380 444 907 170

6th Dymytrova Street, office 2,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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