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Canti Ukraine

Canti Ukraine

Canti Ukraine

The headquarters of Canti are located in Italy. The design bureau, established by the Canti family, specializes in industrial design development, production and distribution of Premium class furniture in Italy and abroad.

The specifics of the company's activity envisage that Canti furniture, according to the developed design, is manufactured in the best Italian factories by special orders and under strict control of the Canti Company. This allows the company to concentrate on the activities, which its specialists do best of all - developing wonderful functional and ergonomic design, based on longstanding family traditions.

Canti Activities in Italy:
- Trademark ownership;
- Kitchen design development;
- Supervising kitchen manufacturing in Italy;
- Export of assembling sets;
- Promotion of products abroad;
- Distribution of materials and component parts through all branches.

Ukraine is one of the new markets for the Italian company Canti. According to the company business development plan "Canti Ukraine" has launched a representative office and registered the Canti trademark in Ukraine.

The main tasks of representative office are placing orders, the sale of kitchens through the network of its own showrooms and the distribution of furniture through partners' points of sale. The representative office also provides advertising support of the brand in Ukraine, according to the general strategy developed in Italy.

Activities of "Canti Ukraine":
- Audit/control of manufacturing;
- Direct sales through its own showrooms;
- Advertising support in Ukraine;
- Customer service;
- Sales/control of franchising;
- Nationwide distribution.

Phone/Fax: +380 444 963 8

9th Mechnikov Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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