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Center Biokurs

Center Biokurs

Center Biokurs

We offer:
Admission Specialist:
Urologist, andrologist, sexopatologist (male problem: adenoma, prostatitis, infertility, male climacteric, reducing potency, inflammatory diseases, urinal system).

Gynecologist (women's problems: cervical erosion (videokolposkopiya, laser therapy), the definition of cross-uterine tub, hormonal violations inflammatory disease in women.

Survey couples planning pregnancy to birth a healthy child.

Gastroenterologist (gastritis, gastric ulcer, hepatitis, cholecystitis, parasitic, pancreatitis in adults and children).

Endocrinologist (the problem of excess weight, thyroid disease, diabetes).

Cardiologist (heart problem - ECG, Echo-kg (heart ultrasound), all necessary laboratory examinations).

Rheumatologists (joints and heart disease).

Vascular surgeon - a study of vascular (diabetes, headache pain, insult).

Pediatrician-neonatologist (diagnosis and treatment of children from birth to 16 years).

Alerhologist (allergic diseases, bronchial asthma, dermatitis).

Dermatologist (skin disease).

Neuropathy (neurological disease, problems with the spine, headaches, etc.).

Proctologist (treatment of diseases of the rectum, including hemorrhoids)

Diagnostic laboratory within 1 day performs:
General clinical tests (blood and urine). Koahulohrama.

Biochemical analysis of blood (indicating the function of certain organs: liver, kidney, pancreas, etc.).

Onkomarkers (definition of markers of cancer).

Tests for parasites (worms) in blood (echinococus, etc.).

Hormones (sex, thyroid gland, adrenal glands, hypophysal).

All panel surveys on diseases transmitted through sexual contact.

Reumoprobes (ASLO, RF, SRP).

TORCH - infections (immunoassay), hepatitis A, B, C, D, E, G. Imunogramma.

Full range of tests for pregnant women.

DNA tests genetic passport, paternity tests, quantitative analysis of virus copies).

Tests for Autoimmune diseases.

Bacteriological study.

Tests for allergies (IG E, alerhopanels, food intolerance)

Expert office ultrasound study:
The state of internal organs, vessels and the heart in adults and children, babies and pregnant women.
All examinations are conducted by appointment and are recorded on compact disc.

Phone/Fax: +380 322 610 5

8/1 Novakivs'kogo Street,
City Lviv,,
L'vivska oblast

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