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To aesthetic surgery the majority of the people has an ambiguous attitude. One consider it panacea from all problems connected to appearance, others - do not trust in fast and good recommended opportunity to change their appearance. One way or another, but the question about plastic operation early or late rises before the majority of the modern women and men. Therefore aesthetic surgery has occupied an important place among other ways of an appearance care.

And if you catch yourselves on a think that want to change and improve your appearance, we are waiting for you. The skilled experts of our clinic in cosy and confidential conditions will listen to your wishes attentively and will offer you optimum variant for the decision of your problem.

The experts of the Centre apply advanced technologies in the field of plastic surgery and carry out all types of cosmetic operations using american laser surgery system and endoscopic techniques in comfortable clinicues:
- Elimination of eyelids wrinkles and "bags" under eyes using laser system;
- Endoscopic and traditional rejuvenation lifting of the face, neck, forehead;
- Correction of the form of a nose, ears, lips, chin, cheek-bones and eyebrow arches;
- Laser skin resurfacing, chemical peel and dermabrasion at wrinkles, scars and after blackhead rash;
- Cosmetic removal of good-quality tumour of a brest with reconstruction of their shape after;
- Improvement shape and sizes of the breast and nipple-areolar complex;
- Restoration breast after their removal and endoprosthesis by products with various fillers of the American companies McGhan, Mentor;
- Body contoring by vacuum removal of fat using the newest device of German company AESCULAP, lipofilling and contouring plastic using biogel;
- Elimination hanging skin of an abdomen (abdominoplasty), thighs;
- Gluteal augumentation (gluteoplasty);
- Correction of the sizes and form of outside sexual bodies;
- Sterilization of the men;
- Restoration virgin, reduction sizes of the vagina;
- Treatment of varicose leg veins (phlebectomy);
- Elimination flat-foot, sticking out bones and curvature toes;
- Reconstructive microsurgical operations at traumas of nerve branches and vessels extremity;
- Implantation of gold strings with the purpose of elimination attributes face and body aging (wrinkle, hanging of skin, etc.)
- Elimination of wrinkles, "goose legs" and habit to wrinkle forehead using injections;
- Kosmetic advices and services for postoperative face and body care with the purpose of fastening and prolongation operation results;
- Cosmetic tattoo (contour of lips, eyebrowes, eyelashes);

Phone: +380 445 121 516

26th P. Zaporozhtsya Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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