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Chernihiv Theatre for Youth

Chernihiv Theatre for Youth

Chernihiv Theatre for Youth

Chernihiv Theatre for Youth started as an offspring studio "Youth stage" at the Chernihiv Puppet Theatre in 1985. The first production staged at the studio after B.Vasiliev's "11 pages of the war prose" won the first prize at the Ukrainian young actors and producers competition in Odessa (1985).

Following this success the studio performed in Kyiv and Moscow. In 1988 "The Puppet Theatre" was reorganized into the regional theatre for children and youth. The troupe has got the premises of their own.

Through the numerous seasons the Theater was staging both dramatic and puppet plays. A number of Theatre's stagings were successful not only in the general audience but also at the Ukrainian and the Soviet-wide festivals ("Raggedy Ann" by Gibson, the stage manager O.Negresku; "The Catcher in the Rye" after Salinger, the stage manager G.Kasjanov; "The Twelfth Night" by Shakespeare, the stage manager A.Bakirov).

Since 1996 the theatre is known as "Molodizhny" (youth) theatre, and the puppet troupe became a separate theatre for children. In this new statue the "Theatre for Youth" produced a number of significant stagings. "The Cherry Orchard" by A.Chekhov, "The Inspector General" by M.Gogol, "The Stolen Happiness" by I.Franko, "Hamlet" by W.Shakespeare, "The Puppet House" by H.Ibsen. The theatre has raised quite a few talented actors such as honored artists of Ukraine L. Veselova and V. Banjuk, masters of the scene J. Matrosova, T. Saldetska, M. Vitrihovska, V. Makar, the gifted youth R. Pokrovsky, O. Schukin, E. Sidorenko, R. Ostapko, I. Atroschenko, E. Shirokorad and others. The theatre has an actors' studio, and young performers take part in the youth projects of theatre: "Metro", "Mowgli", "Zacharovana Desna".

Phone: +380 462 698 057

4th Rodimtseva Street,
City Chernihiv,,
Chernihivska oblast

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