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Chernivci Metal-working Factory

Chernivci Metal-working Factory

Chernivci Metal-working Factory

The state enterprise of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine "Chernivci Metal-working Factory" produces block-modular water-heating, steam boiler-plants of the "VITOK" series with the capacity from 0,1 to 50 mV on the solid, liquid and gas fuel, industrial steel, water-heating, fire-tube (heat-tube) of "VK-34", "VK-22" series with capacity from 0,63 to 7,6 mV boilers.

The boiler-plants of the "VITOK" series are inteded for heat supply and hot water supply of the residential, industrial and domestic buildings and constructions.

The Chernivtsi Metal-working factory is the only one in Ukraine specialized company producing block boiler-plants, that includes designing workshop, half-finished product workshop with metal-working and forge-press shop equipment and 2 assembly conveyors.

The company has more than 25-year experience in producing boiler-plants. The factory was the first in Soviet Union that had developed the production of block-modular boiler-plants and had produced 550 units in a year for needs of the Ministry of Defence and civil organisations. For the present moment the factory produces more than 60 standard sizes boiler-plants and more than 100 modifications.

The basic production consists of 3 workshops:
The workshop producing block constructions of the 4600 sq.m specializes on the water-heating, steam, block boiler-plants on the solid, liquid, gas fuel with the capacity from 0,1 till 50 mV "completely", that consist of 1 to 7 blocks depending on capacity. In this workshop there is also the station of the refinement of the domestic sewage: KU-700, KUD-50, cleaning constructions after cars washing, chloratoral stations LV - 56, water pump stations, the blocks of the fuel and oil rectification, cleaning for drinking water. In the workshop there are 2 technological conveyors, that enable to produce up to 50 boiler-plants blocks and other block constructions monthly.

Mechanical workshop of the 7400 sq.m that has half-finished product workshop with metal-working and forge-press shop equipment, guillotine-shears, sheet bending, cutting equipment and others. The workshop outputs the ready-made products: boilers, metal-constructions, fences, consumer goods and provides with the half-finished products the basic and auxiliary production.

Foundry workshop has 9492 sq.m and has the possibility to produce cast-iron mouldry from grey iron Sch 10 - Sch 20. The main founding range are: - shaper-sewer parts (SSP), telephone sewer hatches.

In the factory there are high-capacity instrumental, repair mechanical workshops, autobase, branch lines for railway transport, trestle, bridge and automobile cranes. The factory can also make services in repair of the auto equipment, in storing and selling metal products and others.

Phone: +380 372 529 318

33rd Zavodskaia Street,
City Chervivtsi,,
Chernivetska oblast

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