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Company Technograd

Company Technograd

Company Technograd

«Technograd» offers a wide range of metalworking and engineering equipment, as well as producing metal constructions by customer's drawings. We make both simple parts and complex manufactured goods, which are ranging from the creation of drawings and engineering designs before painting, packaging and delivery of finished goods to the warehouse to the customer. The company employs over 200 people.

The main principle of the company "Technograd" is a constant striving for perfection. Our highly qualified engineers and technicians can solve any, even the most complex production problems, providing the plant opportunities to improve and expand the product range.

Today «Technograd» is:

- Full-service of professional metalworking
- A reliable long-term experience of highly qualified specialists
- A wide range of commercially manufactured products
- Execution of orders for equipment with a CNC machine tool production of world leaders
- Use of an automatic line for the chemical processing and polymer coating with preparation of the metal (using zinc phosphating and passivation)
- Quality of services and supervision of manufacturing products at all stages of production

Main production:
• Metal furniture
• Office furniture
• Metalworking
• Telecommunications
• Warehouse
• Payment terminals

Extensive experience and constant improvement of production technology, timely upgrading of machine tools and impeccable quality control of products allow us to successfully work not only in Ukraine but also to fulfill orders for our partners in Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Turkey and Europe. Products are certified by international quality standard ISO 9001:2000. Extensive network of branches enables us to be closer to each of our clients and provide not only production facilities for manufacturing of a product, but also to consult on engineering issues.

All technological processes are automated. This allows us to derive process of metal to a new level, significantly expand the nomenclature of manufactured products, increase production, improve product quality and reduce production time.

Phone: +380 444 998 770

54/19 Avtozavodska Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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