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Company Vladam

Company Vladam

Company Vladam

On the God’s favour, collective of "Vladam" company more than ten years care about people health and well-being. We grow up and deliver the best vegetables and seeds. We produce ecologically clean vegetable preserve and juice, we hospitably accept visitors in our hotels and in a pizzeria.

Our seeds – Your abundant harvest!
Vegetable seeds of French company Clause: cabbage, tomato, pepper, carrot, beetroot...
Drop irrigation, chemical fertilizers, agricultural chemistry...

Fresh vegetables over all the year round!
Farmer Economy "Vladam" grows, stores and realizes fresh green-stuff. White and red cabbage, cauliflower; onion; carrot; beetroot; potatoes; pepper; tomatoes...

Fast-food “Velyka Lozhka”
We invite you to estimate a combination of a home cookery and modern technologies of service! Hot borsch, the various menu of the second dishes and garnishes, a rich batch and wide assortment of drinks and desserts are always ready for you ...

Neat juices
Natural primary product - neat juice!
Tomato juice, pumpkin juice, pumpkin and carrot juice, carrot juice, carrot and orange juice, carrot and apple juice, apple juice...

“Vladam” canned products Preserves of vegetables in home way.
Vegetable preserve: pickled tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, vegetable assortment (tomatoes and cucumbers)...

Hotel business
"Pilgrim" hotel waits for Nikolayev guests!
Comfortable hotel rooms, home atmosphere. Goodwill and an open-armed welcome...

“Vladam” pizzeria
We invite you to our pizzeria with European cookery!
Great choice of pizza, hot dishes, banquet hall...

We aim to give you products and service of the greatest quality. The basis of our business is a mutually beneficial and protracted collaboration with permanent clients and attracting of new users.

Phone: +380 512 562 033

1st Avtomobilnaya Street,
City Mykolaiv,,
Mykolaivska oblast

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