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Complex of entertainments on 101 km

Complex of entertainments on 101 km

Complex of entertainments on 101 km

We invite you to visit a unique complex of entertainments and rest in Western Ukraine - "101 km". Comfortable location on a 101 km of a road Ustylug-Kiev suits as good as possible for rest in a long road abroad or home. We will happy to adopt you in any time and to cover with hospitability and comfort.

On "101km" of Your life it is possible to hold breath and to get pleasure for soul and body. "101km" is a complete complex of entertainments and rest, thus, for all cases of life.

Do you want pleasantly to impress your friends and relatives? Do not even search the best way.

This is the very place where all feel at home, both kids, and adults. Swimming-pool, child's ground, tennis court other sports entertainments are present. A boredom does not here simply exist, and Your family can live here, and not a day, because "101km" is a and dwelling-house of two bedrooms and cabinet.

The atmosphere of comfortable apartment is here created, and if you want to take a whole world to the little, comfortable island of love and domestic happiness – come to "101km".

"101êì" is already chosen by young pairs. Rest is pleasant and useful. The sauna will releave and embolden at the same time, clean coolness of pool will wrap you.

Visiting such a place a time one will certainly wish to get back here again. Pleasant relax, conversation with friends and sweethearts. With entertainments and merry competitions time runs back unnoticed.

Met an old friend, it is necessary to celebrate a meeting, and if a merry company has gathered already – it is the best on a "101km" to hae a sauna with friends, to have fun by a hook and cigars, to play a few billiards parties and certainly to swim.

The sizes of pool allow slightly to grow soft by kneading. And if one has a desire to greater loading trainers are meant for this purpose. And what meeting of old friends without a feast. Delicious domestic kitchen, drinks and desserts, without problems business meetings, corporate evening-parties birthdays. "101km" is a complex of entertainments and rest for Your pleasure.

For comfort conducting of your rest establishment is counted for 20 persons. The rest-home and complex are rented hourly, thus payment undertakes not from a man, but for time. At wish it is possible to order all establishment for 24 hours. In such case, the establishment will be at Your service till 12.00 of the next day.

It is desirable to pay Your attention to that even if you arrive alone, we will create real domestic comfort when to you nobody will prevent and will look after that Your rest has remained confidential and maximally comfortable.

Phone: +380 332 783 101

97à Kyivska Street ,
City Luts'k,, Piddubtsi
Volynska oblast

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