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DPA, Ltd

DPA, Ltd

DPA, Ltd

DPA, Ltd is one of the leading producers of flexible rolled wrapping and proprietary package of high or low density polythene with flex-printing technique.

In the course of ten years the enterprise has been dynamically developed perfecting its technologies and improving quality of its output.

The constant modernization at the expense of an acquisition of modern foreign equipment and use of raw materials of leading world producers allow DPA, Ltd. to keep a strong position in the intensively increasing branch of wrapping.

The package of polythene is the high-grade carrier of the advertising information. It is directed to the widest layers of potential consumers. At the correct approach and organization such advertising can not only compensate your charges on it, but also make profit. Besides, the package is a necessary and useful thing in a daily life. Actually it carries out a role of a shopping bag.

Phone: +380 623 122 657

9th Novorossiyskaya Street,
City Donetsk,,
Donetska oblast

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