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DX-systems Research and Production Company

DX-systems Research and Production Company

DX-systems Research and Production Company

Our company specializes in developing, manufacturing, marketing and servicing of medical computer equipment for functional diagnostics.

Software and hardware, provided for Ukraine and foreign countries, are time-proved and can satisfy all demands of both researchers and doctors who work in functional diagnostics area.

Our company has huge creative potential, experience and professional skill. Therefore our devices are among the best by quality, reasoning and performance.

All devices, provided by enterprise DX-systems Research-and-Production Enterprise, are designed with the use of the highest and the latest technologies and schematic design. High reliability and durability are achieved by using in development and production parts from the world's leader vendors like Texas Instruments, Burr Brown, Analog Devices, Maxim and others.

Always thinking of our customer we attend high emphasis on design, aesthetic appearance and handiness of our devices.

We are sure that a cheerful mood and pleasure from working will become permanent companions of your working with our systems:
- computer electroencephalographs BRAINTEST series
- computer electrocardiographs CARDIOTEST series
- computer rheographs RHEOTEST series
- computer electromyography M-TEST series

Up to two hundred of patient care, research and educational institutions, diagnostic and health centers have been provided with our diagnostic devices.

Feedback with our conscientious partners and professional users, their testimonials and proposals help us develop diagnostic equipment, agreed their demands.

Longstanding working experience with our customers confirms the successfulness of our ideology.

We like the business that we do, we like people who make a creative use of its results.

Phone: +380 573 433 130

16-a Derev'jnko Street,
City Kharkiv,,
Kharkivska oblast

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