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Dovzhenko motion picture studio

Dovzhenko motion picture studio

Dovzhenko motion picture studio

Dovzhenko motion picture studio today is a state enterprise with the technically equipped production base, infrastructure and resources.

The priority types of the motion picture studio’s activity are:
- motion pictures production for government contract (including co-production);
- Thus, in 2006 the motion picture studio together with Russian Master studio filmed the full-length feature “Korolyev” marking the 100th anniversary of the brilliant scientist of the XXth Sergey Pavlovich Korolyev’s birth.
as well as,
- rendering services in the sphere of cinema and television production.

Work is humming at six pavilions of the studio (one of which is a new chromokey rear-pavilion).

Pavilions, make-up rooms, film equipment, records of unique news materials, actor cardfiles, costumery, actable motor vehicles (including retro-cars), military hardware, actable weapons, property, make-up, pastige - this all is Dovzhenko motion picture studio.

Dovzhenko motion picture studio offers services in the sphere of film and television production:
- Pavilions, offices, hotel rooms, make-up rooms
- Up-to-date operator equipment and its professional maintenance
- Studio lamps of any wattage
- Set-dressing design and building
- Costume tailoring and rent
- Property manufacture and rent
- Pastige manufacture and rent
- Motor-service and drivers attendance
- Actable motor-vehicles (as of retro-cars)
- Actable military hardware, actable weapons (as of antique armament), pyrotechnists attendance
- Professional sound recording at film studios and a sound stage
- All kinds of film and television cross-cutting
- Voice and noise sounding, multichannel soundtracks recording, phonogram conversion
- Technological image transfer into a digital format
- Film materials and all video format copying onto digital media
- Sound and film stock services
- Casting

Phone: +380 444 569 231

City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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