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E-In the rhythm of the big city

E-In the rhythm of the big city

E-In the rhythm of the big city

In the rhythm of the big city
Let us introduce. Sorry for familiarity and let us pass on you. We consider that there are no ranks, age and other conditions among the visitors of the club.

There is the only one absoluteness! Absoluteness of mood quality, music, cuisine and attitude to everyone. And Youth! Even when you're above "again 18".

So, about us...
We are an entertaining center familiar not only to the citizens of Odessa.

The ground floor welcomes a visitor to a wide hall. There you can find billiard-tables- two pools and two Russians ( for the foreigners will find a translator). Cozy tables with soft chairs and a bar for the fans.

Then, Bowling club 7 stars with 8 American lanes Brunswick. Brunswick company provides professional equipment for bowling for almost two centuries.

Music part of the club demands careful elaboration.

The main dance-floor equipped with a stage and sound of 14 kW, 10 plasma panels and light of the European standard. Two storeys with comfortable furniture and hospitable bar will become a perfect place to relax for 1500 guests. Who has decided to smoke shisha only in the chill out?

The second floor - disco bar. It's easy to refresh your memories about Modern Talking and Sandra songs. music of 80's , plus-minus 10 years. 150 dancing guests immediately in the «time machine».

Cocktail Hall- a hot latin Friday in the style of Salsa. Saturday night comes with a rhythm of jazz, lounge, funk, etc.

Whisky-Bar for club’s residents who often party hard. A hall to meet club friends and ask “what’s up?” with light music background.

The main artery of the center is the fourth floor. A vast area of 1000 square metres- a hall for strategically important events : family and corporation holidays.

There is a new Business café on the fourth floor. Comfortable negotiations. Begin business cooperation at the highest level. Continental cuisine, pleasant music and decent classical design.

There are two halls served by chef Victor Shimansky and a team of top level cooks.

Phone: +380 482 307 833

15th Polskiy spusk Street,
City Odessa,,
Odess'ka oblast

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