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Electro Cable Group

Electro Cable Group

Electro Cable Group

"Electro Cable Group" - the trade mark of the " Zaporozhye factory of non-ferrous alloys ". It presents cable-wire products - the priority direction of enterprise development.

The Zaporozhye factory of non-ferrous alloys is founded in 1991. Since the first days the development priorities have been determined in view of the existing realities: market economy replaced the planned one, appeared a new condition of work - competition. Many Soviet factories could not survive ? due to the out-of-date production basis, and "obduracy" of management models.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union the goods traffic - both internal and external - was broken. For its recovery were required new people, modern technologies, equipment - new principles of work. Therefore, for creation of ?Zaporozhye factory of non-ferrous alloys? only the best specialists were initially involved, also were accustomed the modern technologies, the new equipment of leading world manufacturers was bought. Only due to this it was possible to count for equal participation in the world trading process. And these efforts have justified themselves in thrice: the quality of product has been unambiguously apprehended by consumers worldwide. We have received the orders from Germany, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Italy, Japan, the USA and other foreign countries and former Soviet republics. Capacities grew, assessments to the state budget increased, strengthened the economy of Ukraine. Having recovered from ?a perestroika shock ", the country started to raise the industry, to rebuilt factories and plants. The need for reliable suppliers has grown. At this moment, "ZFNA" first in Ukraine has opened the manufacture of copper wire rod - basic raw material for the cable industry, thus giving a new push for branch development. During several years the copper wire rod and strand of the ?Zaporozhye factory of non-ferrous alloys? are deservedly in requisition among national producers of cable-wire products.

In 2005 "ZFNA" has opened the domestic manufacture of power cable, and again has confirmed the psychology of the leader. Irrespective of character of products, basic principles of success remain changeless: constant improvement of technologies, expansion of nomenclature of released products, a rigid quality control and, the main thing - the delicate attitude to demands of each customer.

In 2007 on the basis of the Zaporozhye factory of non-ferrous alloys it is established a separate priority direction of cable-wire products - Electro Cable Group. Such important tactical step has been initiated by the expansion of an output of cable-wire products and tendency of the factory to be clear for the whole world.

Phone: +380 612 899 304

9th Novostroek Street,
City Zaporizhzhia,,
Zaporizhska oblast

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