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FTÑ Group

FTÑ Group

FTÑ Group

FTÑ Group exists for more than 8 years and carries out the complex approach in the decision of any problems in the field of the international economic attitudes. Having wide experience and a wide network of trading-industrial communications all over the world, the company is ready to assist in a choice of partners, preparation and realization of export-import transactions. The main task of the company is protection of interests of the Ukrainian companies in other countries, instead of representation of interests of foreign manufacturers in Ukraine. For this reason our services are appreciated among clients.

FTÑ Group gives the complex of services of all spheres of foreign trade activities:
- Search of partners, check of their financial condition
- The organization of the financial-protected scheme of work, maintenance of performance of obligations, minimization of risks.
- The help in definition of all conditions of the contract.
- Development of the scheme of transport logistics.
- The control of manufacture, delivery.
- Certification, the help in reception of allowing documents.
- Customs clearing.
- Warehouse logistics.
- Legal supporting.
- Carrying out of marketing researches in Ukraine and foreign countries.
- Export of Goods abroad
- Attraction of international investments

The numerous formalities connected with foreign trade activities, can turn back for you with difficulties and superfluous expenses. We are ready to protect you from them. With this purpose FTÑ Group created representations and legal persons in Asia.
Our employees in China make search of the necessary goods, spend quality and quantities assurance during manufacture, provide logistics for economy of means and time.

Phone: + 380 563 753 171

2nd Glinki Street, of.898,
City Dnipropetrovsk,,
Dnipropetrovska oblast

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