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Forma Nova

Forma Nova

Forma Nova

«Forma Nova» offers production technology and complete set of forms for manufacturing of reinforced-concrete fences and different concrete architectural wares.

In a complete set there are:

- forms (different patterns; forms are made from high-quality materials exceptionally of American production, the resource of one form is up to 15 thousand outputs).

Besides for production you’ll need sand, cement, water, armature and wooden pallets (all these things you can buy at the building market). Three workers are enough for production.

At the today's saturation of market, when the number of different firms grows swiftly, it is difficult to find and occupy free «spot» in it to begin the business.

It concerns in particular and building business. And small architectural forms attract your attention here, for example fences and different decorative wares made of concrete (urns, benches, flower beds etc).

In conditions of building boom a man has a biological necessity to be barriered. A building owner aims to "outline" the vital area, the "spot" under the sky and to decorate it. Fences since time immemorial were and remain an ideal method to do it.

- Well, we do know everything about these fences! – you’ll say, – what new things can you invent?

Of course, there is no sense to «invent a bicycle», but there is a sense to improve an already existent article, take it to the higher quality level of and make it competitive.

Fences and other articles made of concrete have some advantages in comparison with wares made of other materials. The concrete fences are more lasting and reliable in comparison, for instance, with fences made of bricks, wooden fences etc. Reliability, longevity, durability, frost-resistance, variety of designs, easiness of installing, make the sectional concrete fences the optimum decision for the fencing in of any territory or area.

The sections of concrete fence can imitate a brick wall, natural stone, can be fretted or simply smooth. Combining the different variants of sections it is possible to find the good designer decision of fencing in of any object.

Besides concrete fences are cheaper than fences made of wood, natural stone or plastic.

Fences production does not require much expenses and expensive equipment.

Our company offers some forms, technologies of production of fences and different decorative articles made of concrete.

If you are interested in this suggestion look into other chapters of our site.

Phone: +380 463 731 174

61st Pereyaslavskaya Street,
City Priluki,,
Chernihivska oblast

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