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SO SIA "Fort" of the MIA of Ukraine is the leading Ukrainian enterprise, basic specializations of which there is a production of shooting-iron and different special equipment for the law enforcement units.

Main product groups of the enterprise:

- Threaded short barrel weapon (semi-automatic pistols)
- Weapon of traumatic action (pistols for firing cartridges with an elastic bullet)
- Gas pistols
- Weapon for hunt (guns and carbines)
- Special equipment (complete sets of protective devices, anti-riot shields, devices for the forced transport arrest, rubber batons, handcuffs)
- Holsters
- Commodities of national consumption (metallic safes, doors, domestic oscillation electro-pumps, automated flamephotometers, measuring device of opacity of exhaust motor-car gases)

The wide spectrum of our products allows to satisfy the necessities of not only employees of the MIA but also ordinary citizens, and high quality of the executed works allows an enterprise to remain the leader in Ukrainian market.

History of foundation of SO SIA "Fort" begins on 1991 and directly related to activity of law enforcement authorities. Exactly then for development and applying in industry of facilities of the personal defence for the employees of organs of internal affairs on the base of the special separation of UVD of the Winnitca area on the production of specsredstv the state specialized small nauchno-proizvodstvennoe enterprise was organized "Fort".

In 1994 with the purpose of strengthening of scientific, design-engineering and opytno-eksperimental'noy base for development and production of domestic shooting-iron and specsredstv in decision of government on balance of MNPP "Fort" is passed the Winnitca scientifically-experimental instrument-making factory and a nauchno-proizvodstvennoe association is thus formed "Fort" of MVD of Ukraine.

Paying a regard to importance of tasks which stand before an association, in 1998 Cabinet made a decision about a grant the enterprise of status public.

Today more than 600 experimental specialists work on an enterprise, a production is equipped high-fidelity processing centers, modern computer technique, modern technologies are constantly inculcated in a production cycle.


Phone: +380 432 466 446

27, 600-letiya Street,
City Vinnytzia,,
Vinnytska oblast

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