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Gaitana was born in Ukraine, but spent her first five years in Congo, where her father was from. There she spoke only French and Lingala. Gaitana's father still lives in Brazzaville (capital of the Republic of Congo), is involved in transport business, but rarely sees his daughter.

Gaitana is her real name. This is how her father named her (the full name is Gaita-Lurdes, which is translated from Lingala as strong and powerful). After returning to Ukraine, she was registered in documents as Gaitana.

As a child, Gaitana displayed smartness, good imagination and business qualities making her pocket money by selling hamsters. ?I used to always have the best and the most expensive hamsters, recollects Gaitana proudly, because I painted them and combed them. They looked fat and beautiful!

The singer's favorite pets are hamsters and dogs; she has toy-terrier named Pipita.

Gaitana plays ping pong well: after becoming the candidate to the master of sports, she was seriously considering sports career for some time: I was invited into professional sport and I was indeed interested in that. I even planned on becoming a ping pong coach, she says, adding, I did like singing better though The singer is keen on sports, including ping pong, fitness, and naturally mountain bike, which she rides around the city in the warm time of the year: You can bypass traffic jams and it is also an exercise, a ride and pleasure all at the same time!

Gaitana received a degree in economy and as a child, she graduated from music school, where she learned to play saxophone.

Gaitana writes most of her songs herself, using piano and also not a very usual music instrument Dictaphone for humming the melody in an instrumental part.

In 2005, Gatana placed first in Alexander Abdulov's extreme intellectual-athletic TV show Natural Selection winning USD 2,700. She hasn't received her award though: I need to fly to Moscow for that, register some documents, open a bank account, sign papers and I just don't have time for that. Maybe, when I have a concert in Moscow. That would be a good occasion, she says.

Gaitana collects bags: I have like fifty of them, maybe even more, but I always give them to somebody, to my mom, my friends. Thank to that, however, my collection gets constantly refreshed!

Gaitana has an impressive collection of culinary recipes: I love to cook and try to buy all food products myself, she says, What's my house specialty It is probably Italian pasta with seafood.

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