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Gedeon Company has been astablished in 1998. We started as collectors of Original Feathers. In following years we have grown in to one of the largest supplyers of Ukrainian Feather and Down.

In those years, we have established large client base all over the world; in Japan, Asia, Europe and Asia.

At the moment we have two processing plants in Ukraine with over twenty sorting machines and five wash lines. With our experienced staff we can sort materials to any standarts, Japanise, European and US. Our lab is constantly corollating our test resolts with IDFL lab, to make sure that we are up to date on the changes in the Feather Industry.

In June of 2007 we joined IDFB, so we can be up to date on the changes in the indystry.

Ukrainian down has great Filling Power do to the uniqe way our birds are raised and how feathers were collected. In Ukraine magority of birds are raised in the viliges by indivigual people.

Trough out their life birds live close to their natural habitat, they swim at the local ponds and eat-of the grassy fields. Our cold weather another factor that makes for the large clusters.

We produce products range from low end to the highest quality down.

Phone: +380 542 218-223

86th Petropavlovskaiya Street,
City Summy,,
Sumska oblast

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