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Green KIT

Green KIT

Green KIT

This project unites like minded people from public organisations in different places of Ukraine. We joint our efforts in a working group "KIT For EcoNGO" or "Green KIT". Activities of the working group are supported in a framework of a project by Dutch Environmental Foundation Milieukontakt Oost Europa.

An initiative aims to build up and support development of a virtual community, which would favour strengthening of environmental public organisations (they are non-governmental - NGOs) and their networks, and co-operation among them. We expect to reach both aims by help of communication and information technologies (KIT). A focus is especially on its communication component. For effective communication always enable to reach necessary information.

Internet technologies facilitated access to and exchange of information. New forms of communication and effective co-operation became reality covering long distances and crossing borders. This web-site designed to help networks, NGO activists, concerned public to use KIT more effectively in their public environmental activities.

The word "KIT" in Ukrainian also means an animal, which is associated with comfort and at the same time is known for its very independent character. We wish that the virtual environment of this project will be comfortable for public activists and will help co-operation, which makes environmental community stronger and more independent. By the way, an English word "kit" stands for "little cat" and for "set of tools".

Our KIT is green. Besides environment this colour symbolises growing, vitality and hope. Thus, we hope this project will strengthen individual organisations, co-operation among them and public influence in Ukraine in general. We trust that all together this will make our environment including social environment better and will contribute to the improvement of environment on our planet "the Earth".

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