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On 18 October 1973, State Commission signed the Statement on putting into operation of Belgorod-Dniestrovsky plant for manufacture of medical products made of polymeric materials. The medical products plant was projected to meet requirements of Public Health of Soviet Union ( including Military Forces) and it had the status of all-union significance.

The plant was reckoned to be among the largest manufacturers of medical products in USSR.

Among the list of products manufactured by the plant are: sets for transfusion of blood and infusion solutions, disposable injection syringes (starting from 1989) and also different types of catheters, probes, contour packing for pharmaceutical industry, numerous assortment of consumer goods.

On 28 February 1994, on base of existing plant of medical products the Open Joint Stock Company ?Hemoplast? was established. At the same time the process of privatization started, which was finished in 1996.
At the beginning of 2000, at general meeting of share holders new management staff was elected, headed by Chairman of Board of JSC ?Hemoplast? - Mr. Zozulya Ruslan Petrovich.

At JSC ?Hemoplast? for the first time in Ukraine the Quality Management System for medical products was created which complies with the International Standards (ISO 9001:2000, EN 46001:1996) and takes into account the requirements of the "Good Manufacturing Practice" (GMP).

In 2001, the Quality Management System was certified by the International ?SGS? organization and Certification Body of National System ?UkrSEPRO?. In 2004 "SGS" company after the repeated certification has confirmed the production compliance with the strictest international standards.

In 2005 JSC ?Hemoplast? passed certification in compliance with ISO 13485:2003, Directive 93/42/???, which gives right of CE marking.

In 2002, ?Hemoplast? has reached the finals of 7-th Ukrainian national competition on Quality and became laureate of All-Ukrainian competition on Quality.

In 2003, Quality Symbol "Superior Hallmark" was conferred on "Hemoplast" products.

The same year, the enterprise has got the certificate "Perfection acknowledgement in Ukraine" in the nomination "Big Enterprises" on the 8th Ukrainian national quality competition. In 2004 sets for transfusion of blood, blood substitutes and infusion solutions were considered to be the winners of the Ukrainian quality competition "100 best goods of Ukraine".

Our products are registered, certified and successfully sold in many CIS countries.

Today we have clearly identified the perspectives of enterprise development together with the methods by which they can be reached.

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