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High-Voltage Union

High-Voltage Union

High-Voltage Union

High-Voltage Union is an international holding company that was found by well-known in CIS and round the world manufacturers of electrotechnical equipment of high, medium and low voltage equipment: Nyzhneturynsky Electrohardware Plant (NTEAZ), Russia and Rivne Plant of High-Voltage Equipment (RZVA), Ukraine.

JSC “Rivne Plant of High-Voltage Equipment” is one of the largest manufacturers in CIS of switching and distribution equipment of 0,4-110 kV. For half a century of its history the plant has delivered to the domestic market and to the markets of many countries of Europe, Asia and Africa more than million 6-35 kV circuit breakers, dozens of thousands of 6-35 kV switchgears, dozens of transformer substations up to 110 kV. For all these years the plant has been a leader in the field.

The products of High-Voltage Union are manufactured under controlled conditions specified by the Quality Management System operating according to the requirements of ISO 9001. At the beginning of 2001 authoritative international corporation Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI) certified the activities of the development, production, and after-sales service of the power transmission and distribution equipment of 0,4-110 kV.
In 2004 NTEAZ was successfully audited for ISO 9001:2000 certificat. RZVA was recertified for ISO 9001:2000 in the same year. RZVA is one of a few enterprises in CIS, which puts design on the priority place among other certified activities.

The enterprises of High-Voltage Union provide complete cycle of high, middle and low-voltage equipment manufacture – from rpoject consideration up to chief-mounting and service. A Client proposed first-hand deceisions, both for separate equipment supply and for turn-key complex projects. For projects the company can propose alternative choices, including economy-type decisions.

Turn-key projects and complex equipment supplies are the priorities of High-Voltage Union. At such approach Client receives ready-to-use first-hand decisions, and the specialists of High-Voltage Union provide co-ordination of sub-contractors and permanent control at all the project stages – planning, designing, etc. up to start-adjusting and putting in operation.

Phone: +380 362 617 294

16th Bila Street,
City Rivne,,
Rivnenska oblast

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