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The International Academy of Finance and Investment (hereinafter referred to as - Academy), in accordance with the decision of the Board of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UCCI), was founded as a higher education institution. The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has granted the Academy with 16 licenses. These licenses provide the Academy the right to train specialists in a wide range of fields and to provide a state certificate.

The activities of the Academy are aimed at responding to the increasing demands from private and public sectors for specialists able to solve problems during the transition to a full market-based economy. The main activities of the Academy are the following:
- Educational activity
- Research
- Consulting
- Participation in the international programs
- Organization of conference, seminars and forums
- Develop training programs

Educational activity
The Academy has developed training courses for a variety of topics, including: corporate management, investment activity, protection of intellectual property rights, enterpreneurship and new business ventures, evaluation of different kinds of property and land evaluation, public procurement, housing management and maintenance, energy saving and ecology, financial readjustment of enterprises, financial accounting and reporting and others. This is from the fact that during the period of centrally planned economy and the first years of transition period to a market economy, the higher education institutions did not train specialists in these fields on the basis of market relations.

More so, the transition to market economy in Ukraine requires well-qualified specialists able to prepare and make quick and sound decisions. They must be competent in macro and microeconomics and be efficient managers. Nowadays there is a great demand for specialists equipped with a new thinking, new approaches to solving the problems on the agenda today. In order to meet these demands the Academy developed a special training system for further professional development of the managers and personnel. The Academy is building its reputation on providing quality, practical programs. In 2006 the Academy has provided training to more than 10 thousand participants and in the first half of 2007 to more than 9 thousand.

The Academy selects lecturers on the basis of their practical experience and academic knowledge. The highly qualified lecturers of the Academy are prominent scientists and foreign experts, leading experts from government institutions and business. More than 50 per cent of the lectures are doctors and candidates of science.

Phone: +380 442 722 841

33rd Velyka Zhytomyrska Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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