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October the 1t 1972 has became the foundation day for Lviv Production Concern ISKRA.
Lviv based OJSC ISKRA is the only powerful light-engineering company in Ukraine operating at complete technological cycle that comprise R&D, development of components and manufacture of quality end-user products which occupy today 70% of the Ukrainian market.
The product range as offered by the OJSC ISKRA covers more than 280 types of general and special service lamps, as well as quartz-halogen, miniature, automobile, sodium and mercury lamps, compact fluorescent and sealed beam lamps. The Company has always improved the current technologies with due regard for modern materials, semi-finished products and components, considerably investing into modernization and upgrade of production facilities as well as into development of new light sources. The product range has been diversified while the quality of the most wide-spread GLS lamps has been improved, these lamps? main advantages as compared with other lights sources being low cost, combined with well-known reliability and safety of use.

Nowadays, the Company supplies its products under two trademarks, namely ?VOLTA? and ?Iskra?, registered in 18 countries worldwide.

Owing to mobilizing its inner resources OJSC ISKRA has attracted investment, developed its own base and started mass production of high quality lamps not only for Ukraine but also for the foreign countries outside of the CIS. OJSC ISKRA had covered not only the inner country market of incandescent lamps for domestic consumption, but also dynamically exports its production to the CIS countries, Germany, Italy, France, Greece, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Austria, Poland, Check Republic, Slovakia etc. On the whole ISKRA's production is known in 33 countries worldwide.Following to the outcome of the All Ukrainian 2003 year competition OJSC ISKRA gained the first place in the nomination "Best employer of year" among the companies with the total number of employees ranging from 1001 to 5000 people.

Phone: +380 322 454 306

14th Vuletska Street,
City Lviv,,
L'vivska oblast

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