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Information Centre Ukraine-2012

Information Centre Ukraine-2012

Information Centre Ukraine-2012

Information Centre “Ukraine-2012” was established at national news agency UKRINFORM under Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 875 dated June 25, 2008.

Information Centre “Ukraine-2012” is tasked with the following:
- To provide informational support of the events held in the light of preparing and conduction of the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship finals in Ukraine;
- To monitor the public opinion as well as materials by mass media regarding Ukraine’s UEFA Euro-2012 preparations;
To spread information and analytical materials, to place information regarding the course of UEFA Euro-2012 preparations in mass media, namely highlight realization of the investments projects for construction as well as renovation of the transport and tourist infrastructure, sporting objects, and fulfillment of UEFA recommendations;
- To make public the information regarding bids for attraction of investors, purchase of goods and services for the Championship needs;
Information Centre “Ukraine-2012” forwards by e-mail information to the bodies of the central and regional power, Ukrainian and foreign diplomatic institutions, Ukrainian and foreign mass media (agencies, television and radio companies, print and online publications, public, sporting, and charity organizations);

Information Centre “Ukraine-2012” issues special weekly ‘Ukraine-2012’, which is spread by emailing.

Information Centre “Ukraine-2012” monitors mass media highlighting the Ukraine’s UEFA Euro-2012 preparations. The findings are forwarded to those concerned on a regular basis;

Information Centre “Ukraine-2012” receives on a regular basis official information from the ministries and institutions involved into staging of UEFA Euro-2012 finals in Ukraine. The information is analyzed to be used while preparing relevant materials;

Information Centre “Ukraine-2012” arranges and holds briefings, press conferences, round table meetings, and other events dedicated to UEFA Euro-2012 preparations. Audio, video, and photo materials are placed at the web-site upon consent of the parties.

Information Centre “Ukraine-2012” cooperates with the bodies of the central and executive power, local authorities, Football Federation of Ukraine, central and regional mass media, and information centres established at the local power institutions of UEFA Euro-2012 venues in Ukraine;

Information Centre “Ukraine-2012” is authorized to secure swap of information regarding UEFA Euro-2012 preparations on international level, namely with Polish Press Agency (PAP);

Phone: +380 442 449 092

8/16, Bohdan Khmelnytsky Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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