Innovation Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Innovation Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Innovation Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Research and science-organization activities of the Innovation Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is aimed at accelerating R@D progress in various sectors of the national economy; developing top priority branches of science, technology and economy in various regions of Ukraine, ensuring the appropriate environment for their sustainable innovation-based development.

Main areas of research and science-organization activities of the Center include:

- Conducting studies on the development of principal organization forms of research, R@D and innovation operations in Ukraine;
- Analyzing the needs of regional economies of Ukraine for scientific backup, as well as possibilities of Ukrainian science to meet those needs;working out proposals concerning efficient involvement of scientific potential to resolving relevant regional problems;
- Expert, scientific, organizational and informational support to R@D cooperation between NAS and the regions of Ukraine;
- Coordination, science-organizational and methodological provision of the regional science centers of NAS and the Ministry for Science and Education of Ukraine;development scientifically substantiated proposals to improve the NAS regional structure;
- Organizing and conducting integrated scientific studies on issues that are important to economic, social and cultural development of the city of Kyiv and the North-Western region of Ukraine.

Phone: +380 442 396 724

54th Volodymyrska Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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