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Inter plus

Inter plus

Inter plus

The international television channel 'Inter+' started broadcasting on January 13th, 2003. It represents an international license-cleared version of Inter - the leading Ukrainian TV channel seasoned with the best projects of other Ukrainian TV production companies.

Among the main missions and goals for this channel are introducing the Ukraine in global television space, creating a positive image of the country abroad, presentation of world and Ukrainian events from the viewpoint of modern Ukrainians, and to form a strong platform for promotion of products and services marked "Made in Ukraine" distributed throughout the world.

The channel is mainly oriented at ethnic Ukrainians, citizens of the Ukraine working abroad, former Ukrainian and CIS citizens and anyone wishing to find out more about the modern, independent Ukraine. Enlightened patriotism, European orientation, and cultural originality are the main features of Inter+.

The broadcast is oriented for ethnic Ukrainians, the Ukrainian citizens working abroad, former citizens of Ukraine and CIS countries as well as for everybody who wants to learn more about modern independent Ukraine.

In June 2003 Inter+ TV Channel received the license issued by the National Board for Television and Radio for twenty-four-hour transmission for the term of seven years.

Today 'Inter+' is available for 100% Ukrainian citizens. High quality digital format signal is being transmitted through five satellites, covering European countries, European part of Russian Federation, Northern Africa, Caucasus and northern part of Middle East (satellite "Sirius II'), the territory of Russian Federation and Central Asia (satellite "LMI1"), Northern and Southern America (satellite "Atlantic Bird 1"), Australia (Satellite "NSS6") and New Zealand (satellite "Optus B3").

Inter+ signed the contracts for distribution of the channel in the cable and cellular television networks in Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Canada, the USA, Israel, Australia and New Zealand.

Potential audience of the channel is up to 26 million spectators all over the words. An actual audience runs up to 12 million people. The main atmosphere of the family-focused channel is enlightened patriotism in contrast to belligerent nationalism. It is Europe-oriented with some kind of nostalgic mood.

The programming strategy of Inter+ is to show the best projects from all over Ukraine. Today Inter+ collaborates with more the 120 Ukrainian TV companies, production studios and creative teams. Due to over channel people could see live transmissions of important events: hearing of Supreme Court of Ukraine, inauguration ceremony of Ukrainian president, plenary sessions of Verkhovna Rada (voting for prime-minister).

Phone/Fax: +380 444 906 7

30st Dmytrivs'ka Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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