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JSC PentoPak

JSC PentoPak

JSC PentoPak

JSC PentoPak started in 1998 by Mr. Vasiliy Radionov and Mr. Sergey Gura today is a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of flexible packaging for food products, well known with its products not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. The main product of the company are multi-layer polyamide SAUSAGE CASINGS and SHRINK BAGS produced by the method of co-extrusion of polymers using high technologies.

Company export it is production to more then 30 countries around the world. The main regions of PentoPak's sales is Ukraine, Russia, CIS countries, Central and Eastern Europe, North Africa, Middle East.

Company use only best world technologies and equipment for producing packaging of high quality: Extrusion from "KUHNE Anlagenbau GmbH" (Germany), Printing & Shirring from "SMB" (Germany), BagMaking from "Hiedelberger"(Germany). We use unique raw materials created mostly specialy for PentoPak by world-leaders of plastic production.

All produced modifications of the CASINGS have the same brand name PENTAFLEX® and used for packing of all kinds of cooked sausages, mortadella, liverwurst, blood, hams, pate, meat and vegetable aspics, butter, diary and other food products. Today there are such kinds of casings as:
- Pentaflex-Universal® - classic polyamide casing for cooked sausages and hams;
- Pentaflex-Extra RTU® - very elastic casing with high shrink - using with NO SOAKING - READY TO USE (DRY);
- Pentaflex-Shape® - "professional" casing for production ham and sausages in molds;
- Pentaflex-Overstuff® - casing with stuffing up to 70% for making susages in form of ball, olive with special printings;
- Pentaflex-Sinuga® - perfectly imitate natural casings by appearance, with advantages of plastic casing, like shelf-life, strengh etc.;
- Pentaflex-Kranz® - special casing in form of ring which combine conventionality with singularity.
- SHRINK BAGS have a brand names PentaVac® and PentaTerm®.
- PentaVac® - "universal", overfirm, overbarrier, transparent and glossy shrinkable bag.
- PentaTerm® - soft shrinkable bag with high shrinkage, transparency and gloss after cooking of product.

Phone: +380 442 818 346

5th Brovarskaya Street,
City Boryspil,,
Kievska oblast

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