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JSC Sumy Frunze NPO

JSC Sumy Frunze NPO

JSC Sumy Frunze NPO

JSC "Sumy Frunze NPO", unique by its production potentialities, has available the most up-to-date equipment.

The Company comprises the following specialized production sectors:
- Chemical equipment;
- Gas transfer turbocompressor units and compressors;
- Pumps including equipment for nuclear power stations;
- Machine-building;
- Procurement department;
- Construction department;
- Drill collars and kellys works;;
- Trading company including consumer goods production.

Engineering provision of these works is performed by two Specialized Design Divisions, equipped with advanced automatic design systems and up-to-date experimental testing benches, as well as by three Production Process Departments, elaborating progressive production processes for manufacturing parts and assemblies from metal melting to mounting and testing the manufactured products.
Consumers of more than 40 countries worldwide know JSC "Sumy Frunze NPO" as a responsible business partner.

High technical level of equipment being created is achieved due to high qualification of engineering personnel, usage of the latest achievements in science and technology, as well as thanks to long years close cooperation with scientists from more than 20 academic and research institutes.

To manufacture sophisticated equipment and to provide its high quality and reliability the Company has available up-to-date unique machinery.

The Metallurgical department is equipped with automated metallurgical complex with steel continuous casting plant and vacuum oxygen decarburization, providing the castings production from high alloyed and stainless steel grades with weight up to 18 t and blooms making with section up to 500 mm. There is the workshop manufacturing cold-rolled, electric welded and bimetallic pipes.

The forging complex is equipped with the automated press of 2000 t force, the forging presses of 1500 t force, the ring-rolling machine for castings production of diameter up to 4000 mm, the shaft heat-treatment furnaces. Automated high-speed radial forging machine provides bars production.

Automated welding Deuma machines with manipulators of load-lifting capacity to 100 t, electron-beam welding machines providing welding metals and alloys on Ti basis with thickness up to 150 mm, machines for electric slag welding by wire electrode with welded metal thickness from 25 up to 300 mm and electric slag welding by consumable tip with welded material thickness from 120 up to 350 mm and joint length up to 800 mm, automated Arcosarc welding machines, vacuum soldering, plasma arc cutting and welding, metal gas thermal and vacuum hardening are widely used in welding works.

Phone: +380 542 775 421

58th Gorky Street,
City Summy,,
Sumska oblast

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