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JSC "TRIBO" is the largest and most technically equipped plant on the territory of the former USSR, which outputs brake, friction and jointing materials.

JSC "TRIBO" is the leader of the industry of Kiev region and only producer in Ukraine on the production of high-technological and high-quality friction wares for all kinds of automobiles, agricultural and road machinery, rail transport, and also metro, drilling rigs, mine hoists, etc. In addition to this, the enterprise makes the different types of jointing materials and the cutting wares of all forms and characteristic sizes.

The enterprise has the highest efficiencies for the production of friction wares and jointing materials, the most contemporary technological and material base greatest on the territory of the CIS.

Our maximum attention is paid to the quality control. Quality control in all stages of production is carried out by plant laboratory certified on all standards. At the plant there is a complete receiving inspection of used materials.

One of the methods of quality control of friction materials on JSC "TRIBO" is the test of brake shoes and cover plates for passenger cars and trucks on the contemporary inertia-free stand “Bins-3”. The gearbox built into its construction makes it possible to additionally determine the dependence of the coefficient of friction on the speed. The integrated with PC equipment named (called) "Effect 02" is used to register the frictional force.

The conducted tests make it possible to obtain the precise data according to the technical production characteristics, and to give the objective information about the wares to consumers.

Phone: +380 456 337 025

95th Levanevskogo Street,
City Bila Tserkva,,
Kievska oblast

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