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JSC Ukrelectroapparat

JSC Ukrelectroapparat

JSC Ukrelectroapparat

For more than fifty years Khmelnitskiy Ukrelectroapparat Open Joint-stock Company has been successfully running in the machine-building market and is one of the leading enterprises of the transformer-building industry in Ukraine and countries of the CIS; it is a leader among the industrial enterprises in Podillya region and is the trademark of the regional electrotechnical machine-building.

Since 1957 Khmelnitskiy Transformer Substations Plant, and Ukrelectroapparat Open Joint-stock Company nowadays it has been invariably and efficiently running having its own design base, modern equipment and experienced personnel.

The enterprise’s production volume is constantly increasing, technical characteristics and product design are improving and the nomenclature is enlarging. At the enterprise was organized the complete technological cycle for electrical products manufacture from metal processing to ready for sale transformers and complete transformer substations rating from 10 to 4000 êVÀ, dry-type transformers with Nomex insulation, reactors for electric locomotives and electric trains, special low power transformers, sectional cells and front-access switchboards, block or cubicle construction gas-regulating stations.

Ukrelectroapparat Open Joint-stock Company collaborates with leading electrotechnical enterprises of the world so it enables to produce Geofol modification dry-type transformers that contain Siemens windings. Production and selling of dry-type transformers rating from 25 to 2500 êVÀ for up to 20 kV voltage category with low noise level, complete safety operation, high level dependability and ecological safety make it possible to use them in cultural and public establishments, sports buildings, dwelling houses and business centres.

Modern manufacturing capabilities, unique technologies, high technical level of production organization enable to develop the manufacture of new kinds of products such as complete transformer substations in concrete casing rating from 100 to 1250 êVÀ, complete transformer substations in block-module building rating from 630 to 2500 êVÀ, to improve transformer production enlarging their nomenclature and spheres of use.

Nowadays the joint-stock company is successfully continuing to develop new markets of the Middle East and Africa, performing the orders for Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq and Egypt.

Phone: +380 382 788 54

120st V.Chornovola Street,
City Khmelnytskiy,,
Khmelnytska oblast

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