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Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology

Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology

Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology

The graphite and carbon materials are worthy named as the bread of industry. Their production and consumption in the industrially developed countries is comparable to the production of all metals taken together (on volume and not on weight, taking into account their low densities on a comparison with the majority of metals).

Nowadays NSC KIPT have 15 furnaces of the specified type. They were designed in NSC KIPT first of all for realization of gasphase technologies of carbon - carbon materials reception but maximum universal and allow to solve the following problems:
- To carry out termogradient gaphase impregnation by the pyrocarbon of the porous powder and fiber fillers; to receive products from carbon - carbon materials and graphites on the pyrocarbon binder using this method;
- To carry out isothermal gasphase impregnation of porous materials and products;
- To graphitise and rafinate graphite and carbon materials at temperatures up to 2500-3000 ?C in conditions of a radial gradient of temperature or in isothermal conditions.

Basic unit of installations is a vacuum watercooling cylindrical chamber with copper watercooling contactors laying on the same axis, located in the top and bottom . Contactors are executed mobile for indemnification of thermal expansion of products during process. Besides that, the contactor mobility facilitates the preparation installation in the mounting.
Each installation has an independent system of the power supply for heating products containing regulators of a voltage, power transformers of various capacity. The furnaces are equiped by the vacuum system (0.1-0.001 torr), natural gas supplying system.

At gasphase impregnation of products the furnaces are working at the atmospheric pressure of CH4 or at a low pressure, that can be adjusted from 5-10 torr up to atmospheric.
There are systems of inert gases, hydrogen, etc. There is also an automatic control system of the technological processes. The specified system includes maintenance of programmed increase and decrease of furnaces and products temperature, the automatic maintenance of given temperature during the process of gasphase impregnation with required accuracy (in our processes is usually with the accuracy 20-50??), control of cooling water temperature, alarm system at a deviation of regimes and ets. Temperature control by thermocouples and visually - by the pyrometer is foreseen in all furnaces.

Phone:+380 573 356 612

1st Akademicheskaya Street,
City Kharkiv,,
Kharkivska oblast

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