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LD Group Landscape design

LD Group Landscape design

LD Group Landscape design

LD Group offers the full range of accomplishment and planting services:
- Working out of landscape architectural conception;
- Developing of the script;
- Projecting and engineering;
- Running of the architectural supervision;
- Warranty service;
- Landscape service.

Stages of the project development:
- Preliminary projection: designer’s departure, consulting, garden planning discusion;
- Geodesic survey of topographical area’s plan;
- For-project (draft offer), general plan;
- Plan of paving;
- Vertical planning project, plan of the relief organization, drenage project;
- Dendrological project with elaboration of all landscape groups;
- Watering project;
- Scheme of the lighting device location;
- Development of the ornamental garden lighting script;
- Elaboration of different landscape elements (scheme of paths, arrangement of vacation spots, sports, children's playgrounds, flower and rocky gardens etc.;
- Working drawings of the planned ponds;
- Desing of the small architectural elements (summerhouses, pergolas etc.);
- Making of the design financial estimates.

You are a rich person and owner of the private residence. But Your garden sight horrifies you – the one You dream about looks absolutely otherwise. Now You are not sure whether one fine day all this will be similar to the Garden of Eden. But for realization of this as You have planned exist landscape companies! If You really aspire to transform Your garden into a place where You want to spend all Your life, You should necessarily apply for help of architects and designers – anybody can’t n manage it making alone.

Our stuff of proffesionals may make any major alteration You have dreamed of. Each our client is satisfied with work of our talented designers and architects. We do not promise cheap services. But when you will see the result you will forget about money and become convinced that beauty and harmony are worth of giving the corresponding sum. You only need to apply us - and we’ll do the rest.

Phone: +380 444 556 409

2nd Shpak Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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