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LLC Ukrprodtorh

LLC Ukrprodtorh

LLC Ukrprodtorh

The LLC “Ukrprodtorh” was founded on July 13, 2000 with the purpose of conducting entrepreneur activities to provide agricultural enterprises with mineral fertilizers.

In a short period, the enterprise has managed to build the multiple-branched structure, which includes the certified store buildings in Rivne, Khmelnytsk regions and the production base in Vinnitsia region in itself. The geography of our company actively develops all over the whole territory of Ukraine.

The major criterion of the LLC “Ukrprodtorh” activity is purchasing the competitive high-qualitative products that correspond to our clients’ demands and expectations. The main suppliers of the products are the most powerful plants – the CIS countries’ producers. We cooperate tightly with the native producers of mineral fertilizers such as: the OSJC “Rivneazot”, the OSJC “Sumykhimprom”, the CSJC “Krymskiy Titan”, the OSJC “Odessa by-port plant”, the OSJC “Severodonetskiy Azot”, “Dzerzhynsk plant of mineral fertilizers”; with the foreign producers: the OSJC “Dorohobuzh”, OSJC “Akron”, IHC “EuroKhim” (Russia), the CSJC “The Bielorussian potash company” (Bielorussia). The cooperation with these leaders lets us conduct the flexible price politics on the market, guarantee high quality of agrochemical products to our clients, react fast at seasonal variations of the demand.

We constantly work at increasing the company’s image with concurring new territories of the inner and outer sales areas. The realization of this aim is possible only due to the constant analysis of the market demands, the timely determination of demands’ tendencies of potential consumers, and besides, the whole execution of agreements on the goods delivery. The set objectives are done due to the team of professionals, which work in all the branches of the LLC “Ukrprodtorh”. We are being interested in the professional development of our workers, that’s why we constantly take part in seminars, conferences of native and international importance.

Phone: +380 362 620 515

68th Soborna Street,
City Rivno,,
Rivnenska oblast

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