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Ltd Uniplit

Ltd Uniplit

Ltd Uniplit

The Enterprise is a recognized leader in the production of Fiberboards and all-round woodworking. It is “Uniplit” Ltd., that produces more then a half of all the fiberboards manufactured in Ukraine, including those made by ecologically friendly “wet” method – with no phenol-formaldehyde tars used.

The binder used in this process is wood rosin, not chemicals.Recently the modernization process in the Production Shop for Ornamented Fiberboards was completed allowing a considerable reduction in energy consumption and improvement in quality of finished products.

Recently was finished the modernization project for Production of Plywood and Glued Bent Woodwork; that will decrease the use of labor force and improve the quality of finished products.

For producing products of all types, the high-quality environmentally-safe raw materials must be processed by highly skilled specialists on the up-to-date equipment of such leading European companies:SERRA (Germany), PAUL (Germany), PILOUS (Czech Republic).

To produce the whole spectrum of products we only use the high quality ecologically friendly raw materials, which are produced and processed on modern equipment supplied by leading European manufacturers.

‘‘UNIPLYT’’ LTD was rewarded with ‘‘Top Standard’’ Symbol for irreproachable quality of products and services by the National Image Program.

Phone: +380 347 761 101

4th Zavodskaya Street
City Dolyna,,
Ivano-Frankivs'ka oblast

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