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The company has more than 50 units of basic forging and die-forging equipment, including:
1. Equipment for the production of forgings of 60 to 500 kg:
- 16 ton forging blank complex:
crank trimming press with effective capacity of 2000T (19.6MN) and blanks with heating in semi-methodical furnace.
- Forging blank complex:
20T forging hammer;
crank trimming press with capacity of 2400T (23.52MN) and blanks after heating in batch or traveling plate furnace.

2. Manufacture of blanks of 0,1 to 3T from rolled stock or from ingots:
- Steam-hydraulic press with a capacity of 1000T (9.8MN) with attachments and manipulators of 5T capacity;
- Steam-hydraulic press with a capacity of 1800T (17.64MN), with attachments and manipulators of 5T capacity.

3. Manufacture of forgings of up to 100 kg by means of open forging:
- Air-and-steam hammers with drop weight of 0.5T, 0.75T, 1.25T, 1.80T and 3.00T.

4. For the manufacture of die-forgings from 0,06 to 50 kg:
- Complex for die-forgings:
die-hammer with drop weight of 1T, 3.15T, 4T and 5T;
crank trimming presses with capacity of 160T (1.568MN), 400T (3.92MN), 630T (6.174MN);
eccentric trimming presses with capacity of 400T (3,920MN), 500T (4900MN), with heating in batch furnaces.
- Horizontal forging machines with capacity of 250T (2,450MN) and 800T (7,840MN).

5. Equipment for manufacture of springs:
- Semi-automatic twister with corner coping set for manufacture of springs from bar of 9 to 40 mm diameter:
- Test machine with capacity 5T (0.049MN) and 20T (0.196MN).

6. Heating equipment:
- Methodical and half-methodical ovens, traveling plate oven and internal heating oven for heating blanks, and also pit and internal heating oven for heat treatment of forging oven. The Heating and heat treatment ovens are equipped with devices for automatic control of temperature and calculations of fuel expense.

7. Equipment of mechanical area:
- Machining center for the manufacture of axles utilizing screw-cutting lathe Mod.1?64, centering-cutting machine Mod. ?? 4254?, copying semi-automotic lathe type ??-1832 and ??-1833.

In combination with additional equipment, all equipment listed above allows our Company to make a wide range of forged and die-forged steel blanks and parts.

Phone/Fax: +380 642 584 2

107th Frunze Street,
City Lugansk,,
Luganska oblast

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