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Main Department for Civil Service of Ukraine

Main Department for Civil Service of Ukraine

Main Department for Civil Service of Ukraine

The institution of Civil Service of Ukraine was established by the Law of Ukraine “On Civil Service” which came into the force on January 1, 1994. The Law regulates public relations embracing activity of the state on creation of legal, organizational, economic, social conditions for citizens of Ukraine to realize their right for civil service.

The Civil Service is a mechanism to ensure the stability, reliability of constitutional order and make state management well established, competent and professional. As a part of power hierarchy it serves as a major factor for establishment of civilized state order, integration of all power branches and creation of professional team for work in state administration bodies. Civil Servants are appealed for professional execution of practical tasks for ensuring social and political as well as legal ground for relations between citizens and state institutions.

The majour objectives of the Main Department for Civil Service of Ukraine:
- elaborating and implementing the state policy in the sphere of civil service and the service in the authorities of local self-government together with other state authorities;
- providing functional management of civil service forecasting and planning of functional subdivisions of state service;
- elaborating activities for increase of civil service efficiency;
- the coordination and control of its performance; - systematic control of the competitive selection, the attestation of civil servants and the activities targeted for prevention of corruption among civil servants;
- arranging training, retraining and rising the level of civil servants’ skills;
- ensuring cooperation between central and local executive authorities on the one hand and on the other the management of enterprises, organizations, institutions regarding their training, retraining and raising of their qualification;
- organizing and coordinating the activities on scientific research in the sphere of civil service;
- contributing to administrative reform;
- carrying out functional inspection of central and local executive authorities; taking it a base for analyzing public administration system and preparing proposals to rise its efficiency;
- contributing to the control of the observance of the law on civil service and the conditions, determined by the law, under which people can realize their constitutional right for such service executed by other state authorities;
- ensuring respect of unified requirements to professional conformity of candidates challenging civil servant positions;
- elaborating standard for professional and qualification characteristics of civil servants positions.

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15th Prorizna Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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